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Soul Intelligence

Yes, your soul holds it all! All the information you want, need or desire while you are playing here on earth. You are equipped with it all. Tapping into soul intelligence is easy, once you get your mind to trust what you feel.
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Eye Soap! Cleaning Intuitively

Yes, it’s time to clean and clear your  3rd eye screen, your inner vision, or your inner knowing.. many names for the same thing.  Begin by imagining a screen in front of you. See the screen and sense the fog that has been created over time. Now, imagine you have a bottle of Continue Reading →

Soul Talk, is it real?

Yes, it is very real! Your soul speaks to you in images, energy, words and more. The inner quiet voice that just gave you the answer or the most brilliant idea ever… Yes, that is from the language of the soul.
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All in Flow

Daily life can become a connective, creative and instinctual flow allowing all that you have created to be experienced by your senses. Interpretation, based on your values and beliefs allows for you to decide sensing peace or fear, creating or fearing, manifesting or denying all that is within you.   Continue Reading →

Sensing through Your Chakras

Imagine all your sensory preceptors located in each of your chakra centers aligning up the body. Each chakra allows you to see, hear, feel, taste and smell energy as it relates to them.  Start at your root and make your way up and simply ask, “What are you experiencing in this moment?” Continue Reading →

The Now of Change

Change is inevitable; it happens naturally, in every moment of every day. Change is simply a difference in being, which allows for new opportunities, experiences, learning and releasing the old into the Now. Many make change something hard, unnatural, takes time, creates stress, sets up for success or failure; Continue Reading →


April, 15 2014- Welcome to Intuitive Insights! This will be a monthly blog post in which I will be sharing insights, techniques and wisdom from within, to help guide you in your journey. The intuitive trust and know the answers from within. Come along with me and discover your own inner wisdom and how it can help guide you from Continue Reading →