About Janyelle

Nationally and Globally known as the “Intuitive Healing Woman”


Janyelle Huff

Intuitive Healing and Energy Guidance

Janyelle Huff has provided spiritual awakening and intuitive connections for many people over the years.  Alternative medicine and holistic services that  alleviate pain, connect you with your inner self for trusting your intuition and much more. 

Janyelle Huff provides the option of alternative healing and training. She provides you services to assist in gaining enlightenment and understanding.

 Janyelle provides many options in connecting and working with her right where you are. Her worldwide services are just as powerful as an in-person, local session. 

It is without question that we all ask ourselves how our loved ones are doing after they have passed on. Janyelle Huff with her beautiful ability, will allow you to communicate in real time with your lost loved ones. Nothing will bring you more joy than the closure and words given to you by Janyelle Huff.

Natural healing is a simple yet highly effective way for anxiety treatment, energy therapy and spiritual guidance. Janyelle Huff offers training so that you can slowly become in touch with your soul and intuitive self. Gift yourself with the beautiful journey into openness and expansiveness.

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