Shifting Connections

Shifting Connections

This program will help you to create a cohesive environment in your life!

What relationships can this help?
  • Family
  • Work Environment
  • Friendships
  • Significant Other
  • And any other connection that is important to you!
My abilities allow me to sense and shift you, and others’ energy, to create a harmonious space. What does shifting energy mean? It means working with the subtle energies within an individual’s auric field, behind the scenes and for their highest good. I am able to uplift, and/or ground as needed, so perspectives, emotions, behaviors and patterns change naturally. To release blocks in an individual’s energy, I help them to be aware of the cause of the resistance. I imprint the pattern of knowing the truth, through their subconscious, then strengthen their own intuition. Along the way I’ll share with you the insight and wisdom that I gather.
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“Janyelle Brings Clarity”

Janyelle is the key to moving the needle forward on whatever your mission is! 

We utilize Janyelle’s services for Business sales & general Business strategies to complete a clear road map of the future.

Mary and I added marriage counseling as well as Life Coaching to complete the spectrum 🙌🏼😊💕 and to stay on course, to keep our goals clear and present (Our Siri, to Navigate our Journey).

PS: We did NOT have marriage issues, we wanted to avoid marriage issues and common mis-communication.

Janyelle will bring clarity to your Business, Sales, Marriage & Family for the Clear Life Vision.

Mitch & Mary 
Thank You 🙏🏻 JanYelle 😊🙌🏼


Janyelle has been priceless to my life. In particular, her energy work when she shifts either mine or my partner’s energy. Sometimes it’s subtle and sometimes it’s significant. Either way it’s amazing what she can do from a distance. She is so multi-talented and has enriched my life in many ways!

Thank you!

Anonymous (Indiana)

“I was able to repair close family relationships”

Janyelle helped me unlock parts of my mind and gave me courage that lifted me to the next level.

Her true gift of being able to shift the energy in my life has allowed me to connect to my inner truth. I was able to repair close family relationships and emotionally ‘let go’ of a coworker who used to drive me crazy.

It is empowering to have Janyelle’s attention on those affecting your forward progress as well. I have felt the subtle untethering that has freed me from my own inner obstacles and toxic people. These energy shifts affect my perspective and situations far beyond our timed sessions. I found myself taking less offence to others actions. She has helped me shift the currents in my mind for living a more calm purposeful life.

Thank you Janyelle!

CK (Ormond Beach, Florida)

“Janyelle Will Help You Discover Yourself From Within”

I have been working personally and professionally with Janyelle Huff over the last period of 7 1/2 years. I can attest to the insight she has helped me develop surrounding myself, my patterns and my triggers along with how it affected my behavior, feelings and decision making.

The growth, confidence and inner security that I have gained over the last seven years with Janyelle Huff has opened me to multiple opportunities for an abundant life, one of the biggest opportunities was starting my own company and now growing into a second location within the beauty industry!

Life takes you on many turns and twists and without full knowledge and self-awareness of who you are and more importantly your weaknesses, you are a boat without a sail, being carried away with every choppy water or breakpoint. Knowledge of oneself is crucial in long-term abundance and peace, Janyelle will help you discover it within!!

JB Shelton (Indiana)

“We Couldn’t Thank Her Enough”

Janyelle has helped our family tremendously! Our family can easily get wrapped up in emotions and having a family with Spectrum issues can make communication difficult. Having Janyelle behind the scenes to adjust attitudes and behaviors has been a life saver. We couldn’t thank her enough for the amazing work she has done with our family. Thank you!

P.C (Indiana)

“Janyelle Gives A Unique Healing Experience”

Janyelle has made a huge difference in my own personal life and also the lives of my clients. I struggled with ADD, Codependency and anxiety.

I personally am a coach and recognize the importance of having a strong support system in place.I knew what I wanted to accomplish and I also knew how to do it.

Janyelle got me there quicker. Her ability to see and move energy gave me the opportunity to explain what was missing and where I wanted to be. It was as if I could see my goals but was moving in slow motion to get to them. She spring-boarded me into being where I wanted to be so I could actually feel healthy. Actually feel my goal and be in that space during a session. Then if I couldn’t hold the energy I then had a path to find my way. Oftentimes we are telling people what to do and not giving the path to get there.

Janyelle gives a unique healing experience. I knew the impossible is possible and with Janyelle’s support I am achieving my goals and dreams!

Tina Kramer (Arizona)

“With Her Help I’m A Better Person”

“I was referred to Janyelle 18 months ago by a mutual friend and client of hers. I was told to be prepared, but open minded, to whatever her reading might be, as she would be telling me things as she sees it, not the things that I might be hoping or wanting to hear. We have spoken of family, and work, but more so than anything else…the situation at hand that I was most interested in getting a reading about. I was at a turning point in my life at that particular time, and in retrospect, things would actually go from bad to worse before they got better. She was always there to pick me up and never wavered in what she was seeing. There were no timelines of when things were to transpire…just that things would work out when they were meant to and when I least expected it. But, in all honesty, based on the situation I was in at the time, I was very surprised at the initial reading(s) I was given. And I won’t lie, Janyelle is a very sweet spirit, and very easy to talk to, but in the beginning, I was very much a pessimistic non-believer, as I just could not envision things working out the way she was “prophesying” it. Since then, we have had many sessions and I often joke that she has become more of a therapist to me in a lot of ways. She helped me to unpack a lot of my baggage from the past that was not only blocking my manifestations, but also keeping my life very much stagnant. One thing that she has always hammered home to me is to stop thinking so much about the future, and to quit living in the past…to begin living my life as it is in the right now…to be PRESENT!! In doing so, I cannot say how the story will end, nor do I even want to! I am present. As bleak as my situation looked, and as hard as it was to see and believe the things that Janyelle was reading, I am now a believer. Everything she saw, and felt, and predicted to happen…has happened. I may very well be a work in progress for years to come, but I’m in a better place than I was 18 months ago, and with her help I’m a better person. I’m proud to call her my friend and confidant and would recommend her services to anyone!”


“Wow, I’m Amazed”

You are an amazing, powerful women. I feel that you freed me from all black magic. I feel so different. Wow, I’m amazed. Thank you so much with very, very deep appreciation for everything you’ve done for me and all the guidance you’ve given me along the way.

V. K. (Russia)

“Janyelle Is A Blessing”

Janyelle is a blessing! From teaching us to become our best selves to showing us how to work better as a couple, Janyelle has helped in so many more ways than one. Having someone who can see the triggers and emotions that we are sometimes masked to in the moment has really changed things for us. Thank you so very much for everything you’ve done!

Hannah & Trey (Indiana)

“I Look Forward To My Sessions With Janyelle”

“The energy work and coaching that I have received from Janyelle during the past three years has been life changing. Not only has she shifted my energy to align me with my higher self as I journey toward awareness, but she has also shifted the energy of my partner in order to break cycles of mirroring. In one particular case, we were mirroring a fear of rejection that continued to circle us both, neither being able to break the pattern. Her ability to shift that energy, which we kept passing back and forth, made it possible for us to move beyond it. Because she approaches her work in truth, and without attachment, she is able to read my energy quickly to determine where any blockages may reside within and then guide me as she works her energetic magic. I look forward to my sessions with Janyelle, as she’s become a trusted source of truth and light, as well as my teacher in energetic work.”