Integrative Spectrum Healing

Integrative Spectrum Healing

Integrative Spectrum Healing is focused on those individuals who have been diagnosed or thought to be on the Spectrum of Autism, Asperger, ADHD, ADD, general focus issues or displays lack in communication and social skill sets. 

Using my gift of understanding, shifting and interpreting energy through the Mind, Body and Spirit connection I am able to assist in growth, alignment and change to adapt to the everyday life within themselves. 

The intuitive modalities I use with is each person are unique and meets them right where they are in their reality. Grounding techniques while shifting their energy has helped many find a new presence in their body and mind connection. New awareness helps in focusing the Mind and staying on task.  Teaching them to know themselves as an individual and learning new concepts to understand causation, create change without fear and to begin to express themselves in social situations without feeling the overwhelm of other’s energy.

Guiding them through how to change a belief to create a new outcome without the fear of feeling unsafe,as I have seen this help change their quirks of movements, audiotorial sounds, OCD pattern and more. Eye patterns and Eye to eye communication has also been balanced through the techniques while stabilizing their third eye. Some have experienced non-verbal to verbal communication from energetically opening the energy within the throat and mouth area. 

Sensory issues from tactical to kinesthetic feeling of energy from clothes, people, environmental, food and more have been balanced and allows for more acceptance in these areas, by learning how to work with their own energies to create comfort and less resistance. 

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“After our session, I was – and still am more grounded in the present and in my body. My memory is better thanks to my being able to just be in the present moment. Also, my capacity to remember is greater and that is a big deal for me. My awareness of time is much, much better too! Thank you for sending the reference links after our session for follow up.”
~April B. (Indiana)

“Janyelle has created so much positive change in our lives! Our son was recently diagnosed with two extremely rare chromosome abnormalities, which combined have resulted in a case unlike any other documented worldwide. These wonderful ladies have spent a lot of time, knowledge, experience, and energy helping us improve his mental and physical status through the combination of energy movement and massage, their individual talents, as well as connecting us with people and products for more help with various conditions.

Their influence using just her skills alone was a phenomenal game changer for our family, but even more so was the spiritual and emotional healing they provided without even knowing. In a world that is harsh for delayed and disabled children and their parents, these two are a light in darkness. They have laughed, cried, worried, rejoiced, and so much more with us as we struggled with medical and life issues. She cares about my son just like family and poured themselves into all the work they have done with him. She has given us information and tools to use in all aspects of our lives and his response has been pretty awesome. Yet of all the techniques and tools she has used to improve our lives, the loving nature and atmosphere has truly been the most healing and helpful treatment we have ever received!

So go see them for their talents, techniques and tools to find relief and health, but also be prepared to find two souls with whom you’ll never want to much part.”

~Anna G. (Indiana)