Soul-Light Transition

Meeting yourself at Soul level! This journey will allow you to be completely immersed in your own unique Soul Energy. Create a true knowing of you by tapping into your own Source energy at your Core. Knowing your strengths that fully power you; enables you to remember your pure Soul-Self. Deepening your trust at Soul level allows you to guide yourself easily into experiencing your journey on Earth with pure love and joy!

Body Essence
● Communicate with your body through your breath
● Spinal clearing to balance the body
● Open your Circulatory System to allow flow

Mind Essence
● Open your Sensory Perception field
● Align your logic and empathic sides into Oneness
● Trust Mind body soul communication

Soul Essence
● Know the True Source of yourself
● Cellular Soul Light activation
● Etheric Sensory Activation

Be Ready to experience a New Soul energy without the old pathways from Trauma to Healing! The Soul-Light transition is a new way to experience yourself from your true Divine Essence of the Self in you! Soul-Light Healing allows the Mind to clear the slate of your Energy field and allow new perspectives of Light to shine through your journey to express your truth in joy!

Payment Options

One Time Payment of $2,250.00

4 Payments of $625.00 (Total of $2,500.00)