Find the Missing


Allow Janyelle to help you find your missing 

Using her intuitive skills to help aid in finding the missing persons, objects and  detailed information. Her abilities allow her to tune into what may not be available to the “normal” person.

She easily connects to the energy and the person or thing you are wanting to find.

She will give you all the details! 

Working side by side with Private Investigators and world-wide law enforcement officers she is able to help locate the missing and bring closure to cold case files.

Contact her for detailed cases and findings:


Janyelle has helped me locate two items that were very important.  I put my engagement ring in a “safe place” while I took a trip. I could not locate it on my return. I was so relieved when she located it for me.  Just recently I misplaced several e-gift cards. Having moved recently, they could have been anywhere.  These were gifts from my daughter.  Janyelle guided me to their exact location. Thank you, Janyelle!

PK (Florida)

I lost my ring 2 years ago in my car and had almost given up looking for it.. I met Janyelle and asked her about the ring. She told me where to look in my car and when I looked under my driver seat from the back seat, there it was!! I pulled it out and was so happy!! Thank you, I am so grateful for your gift!!  

Joyce  T. (New York)

I wanted to Thank Janyelle Huff for her help with finding my daughters wallet. She had no idea where she lost it. She back tracked her steps and nothing. I texted Janyelle the next morning asking for her help. The only information I could give her was that it was lost with everything in it. She messaged me back with what she heard. I texted and texted my daughter to get her up and give her the information. She went out to the parking lot and her wallet was there with everything in it. Thank You So Much Janyelle!! You have helped us in more ways than you know. You are AMAZING 🤗

Amber S. (Indiana)