Soul Talk, is it real?

Yes, it is very real! Your soul speaks to you in images, energy, words and more. The inner quiet voice that just gave you the answer or the most brilliant idea ever… Yes, that is from the language of the soul.

Yes, your ego wants to say you did it or thought of it all on your own, however, the answer, the idea, the knowing came through soul. Imagine a light in front of you a huge beam or being of light. Now, ask the light and question you have been wanting to know. Next, listen, feel, see and sense the answer coming to you straight from the light. Play with this activity many times a day until you trust you know the answers are coming from light. Yes, it may feel its coming from inside of you; that’s because it truly is. Soul speaks to you just like humans, you listen and then your hearing ears interprets inwardly what is being said. Working with your soul, asking it what it desires daily begins your own Soul Talk sessions that you can choose to build a friendship with to enhance, create and enjoy your life. Knowing your not alone, takes a lot of fear out of life actions, responsibilities and creates a fun filled freedom you will want to experience daily in this life time. Connect with me now to learn more about how to create your own soul talk dialogue and start experiencing knowing in the now.