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Weekly Wisdom with Starr Piercy

Explaining intuition and energy work in the most easiest way! We all have the intuitive ability and Janyelle shows you the ways to see, hear, feel and know with trust. Trust is a big component when learning to know that you know without always having physical proof. Watch and learn as she gives you easy techniques to help you trust you along your journey. She also does an imprinting in your Energy Field to lift and ascend your energy, right where you are. Enjoy this conversational interview, you will learn and grow now in developing your own intuitive gifts.

I’M More Than That

Nationally and globally known as the “Intuitive Healing Woman,” Janyelle Huff will take you on a journey of your soul to experience the freedom of success in all areas of your life. She is an intuitive with the unique ability to connect with you wherever you are! The healing of the mind, body and soul begins in the awareness of the energies within you! She will go deep and bring out the truth behind the lies that are making you sick, keeping you stuck and place your feet upon the journey you came here to be!  Only $17.95   Click book to order from Amazon now!

4 Tips To Find Real Love

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Love is Closer than You Think

Reflective YOU is me now in the imagery of YOU.

Everyone is mirroring part of you according to your beliefs and experiences in every moment of now.

Each person you bring into your awareness is seen through your own perspective based on what you know as truth for you.
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Soul Intelligence

Yes, your soul holds it all! All the information you want, need or desire while you are playing here on earth. You are equipped with it all. Tapping into soul intelligence is easy, once you get your mind to trust what you feel.
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