Eye Soap! Cleaning Intuitively

Yes, it’s time to clean and clear your ¬†3rd eye screen, your inner vision, or your inner knowing.. many names for the same thing. ¬†Begin by imagining a screen in front of you. See the screen and sense the fog that has been created over time. Now, imagine you have a bottle of

of your favorite soap, go ahead and wash your screen, clockwise in motion. Now, close your eyes and open your third eye bright and wide. Imagine now a beautiful lotus flower fully open and alive with color. Is it bright and vibrant? Now, ask something you want to know, again, experience it coming through with clarity,now? There is your eye soap cleaner, always available to you to wash out the fog of fear and to begin seeing clearly, easily and knowingly. This gentle process can be used as often as you feel necessary.. great news you will never run out of soap and it does not cost you anything. The gift of giving and receiving through your Soul conscious eyes is now open and clear! Connect with me now to learn more about your Soul Conscious eyes