Sensing through Your Chakras

Imagine all your sensory preceptors located in each of your chakra centers aligning up the body. Each chakra allows you to see, hear, feel, taste and smell energy as it relates to them.  Start at your root and make your way up and simply ask, “What are you experiencing in this moment?” Be still and sense the answer easily, take your time to fully sense and understand. Next, ask “What do I need to let go of in order to be fully open and free, allowing life to flow easily?” This is where they, each chakra, will begin to tell you the limits, fears, judgments and negativity that you are holding in your mind as truths. Be gentle and release each one as they come up, more importantly is to replace it with the exact opposite of that belief, limit, judgment and fear. The path of truth is now starting to create within you, as you pay attention to how you sense things differently. Infinite flow in peace is the goal; leading you to experience all that you desire to imagine.  The sensory perception of your soul is purity, clarity and joy; your mind is able to experience and know the same when you align in truth. Picture your mind,  soul and body aligning and sensing truth in all ways, always. This allows you to release outcomes, expectations, judgments and fears; as these clog your energy systems which in turns clogs the mind and then is experienced as dis-ease in the body.  Want to know more? Connect with me know to discover all about you now.  Click here:  Schedule your 15 min free consultation