The Now of Change

Change is inevitable; it happens naturally, in every moment of every day. Change is simply a difference in being, which allows for new opportunities, experiences, learning and releasing the old into the Now. Many make change something hard, unnatural, takes time, creates stress, sets up for success or failure; these are simply beliefs about change that have programmed in and you have chosen to accept as truth. Now think of change of easy, success, simple, now, letting go of time, you can actually feel the ease within you when you place these beliefs about change. Change happens in the moment, not 30, 60, 90 days.. it happens NOW. Think of one thing you want to change or be differently about within you. Now picture yourself already being the change, place in all the details you can to see, feel, hear and know the change is already now. Once you have your picture allow your mind to bring the picture into you, through your heart and allow yourself to feel, right down your spinal cord, and take a breath in and out to secure the change you just placed in.  Breathe out a deep breath to release all that is outside of alignment with this new change. Now test it, pull up in your mind three new ideas, thoughts or feelings about this change that just happened. Keep them positive and feel the love in this new changed state.  The ease is knowing what you want the change to be, many want change, but do not know what they desire instead. Once you know what it is you  want, then you are ready to receive a new change within.  Connect with me now to begin your own Unique change work that is right for you.

Connect with me now to learn how Change will work for you.