My Journey to Intuition – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

My Intuitive Journey

Crystal Ball Hi there! My name is Amber Powers and I’m going to take you on my journey to intuition for the next 11 months (12 including today.) I’m going to share it all. My doubts, my skepticism, my fears, my obstacles, my joys, releases and celebratory moments. So, where to start…. the beginning is always a good place! Let’s take a trip back to my birth. I don’t remember that moment (as most of us don’t) but I do know that I was born and one of my first car rides was to church. I was dedicated as a child. My parents, pastor and congregation prayed over me and dedicated themselves to doing their best to be a role model to me as I grew into adulthood. While this church dubbed themselves as non-denominational, it was about as Pentecostal as it gets. I remember hearing a lot about the devil or Satan from the pulpit. This character intrigued me and scared me to death simultaneously. Witches were grouped right there in with Satan when it came to the evil clan. Next to witches and Satan were “fortune tellers” or “soothsayers.” If you tell a kid to not think about a purple elephant sitting in a tree, what do you think they’re going to do? OF COURSE they’re going to think about a purple elephant sitting in a tree. They’ll likely giggle. They may even start drawing pictures of said elephant. So it was for me with all of these so-called “evil” practices I was warned against. From the time I was around 8 years old, I would sit in the B. Dalton book store in the Greenwood Park Mall. Mom and dad would leave me there while they did their shopping and the books would babysit me. It was normal back then – and mostly safe. I promptly plopped down in the theology section. I remember picking everything from Hal Lindsey to the Satanic bible. Well, I didn’t really pick up the Satanic bible. I tempted fate and touched it and was pleasantly surprised when I didn’t burst into flames. Burning in hell Most of us know the reality of having our minds inundated with limiting and fear based beliefs. We can delve into the conspiracy theories of it all, but the truth is: Either you stay in that place or you step outside of your comfort zone and step into your power. After converting to Catholicism about 6 years ago to move into a form of worship that involved more stillness and mysticism, I started having more and more ah-ha moments. I was waking up to the world around me and how it all worked. One night, a few months ago, I was startled awake. I had been receiving messages that I would dismiss or put off for a year prior to this. I’d discuss these messages with my husband, but he and I both were on the same page. Essentially, we both continued to say the same thing: If you explore and develop your gifts, you’re going to welcome evil into our home. I think deep down, we both knew that thought pattern was completely bogus, but it served us for a long time. The morning I was startled awake, I went to my husband and said, “Babe, I know how you feel about me exploring my gifts, and I’m afraid too, but it has to be done.” I began to explain that in my dream, my ancestors were all standing around my bed. They had tubes leading from their brains into mine, but the information they were trying to download kept being rejected. They were growing impatient with my spiritual stagnancy. I began asking around to see whom I should work with. I live in Florida and have a strong network down here, but I spoke with 3 people about this and all 3 people mentioned Janyelle’s name. Three times in a row. That’s more than a coincidence. I couldn’t deny it any longer, so I scheduled my introductory session with her. It was only 30 minutes, but that was long enough for me to sense if she was “for me.” Without a doubt, my intuition was right and we began our journey together. I asked her if I could document our journey through this blog so I could read it back over and over so not to forget the steps of my journey. I’ll reveal next month the clarity received through working with Janyelle and some really powerful experiences I had after just the first session. Big things are happening in my world and I hope you’ll take the first step in reaching out to her to discover your introductory session as well. You won’t regret it!

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