My First Month Developing My Intuition

Best Friends

My First Month Developing My Intuition

My Daily Meditation

After my second intuitive coaching session with Janyelle, she gave me a mantra to help me develop a deeper sense of knowing that what I was sensing all around me was real. The mantra is: “What I see, I feel, I hear, I know, I trust.” In other words, I need to condition my brain to trust everything I’m seeing. That IS intuition and when we trust it completely, it can be a very strong tool.

So, every day would begin with this mantra. When I’d start questioning any message that I was receiving or if I’d question my knowing, I would say this mantra to myself over and over again.

My First Knowing Experience

As I mentioned in my last blog, I’m having a hard time opening up to friends and family about what I’ve discovered about myself. Even if they’re not particularly religious, I was afraid they’d think I completely went off the deep end.

I have a hand full of friends who understand this journey I’m on and respect it fully. One of my friends who is kind of on the border of understanding is one of my best friends. She is a very private soul and even 12+ years into friendship, I know I have to allow her time to open up. She’s a flight attendant. One Saturday, she sent me a text that said, “Hey! I’m in Fort Lauderdale.”

Fort Lauderdale is about 90 minutes south of where I live, but she had lost her mom about 2-3 months prior and I hadn’t had a chance to see her since. I’d call her often and leave nagging bestie messages, but I knew she’d open up when she was good and ready. I made the trip. When I arrived, I asked her how she was doing since losing her mom. Her response? “I’m uh… I’m ok. So… what is there to do around here?” Ah, right. Not time to open up yet. 

We drove around for a while looking for a place to eat and finally decided to stop at a Jamaican dive. Just before we got there, though, we’d started to talk about this journey I’m taking and about what happens after life. “So, what does happen when you die?” I began to tell her my experiences and my knowing of what’s next. Just then, I saw an orb float in front of me and land on her shoulder. “Your mom is sitting right next to you. I know that might be hard for you to believe because you didn’t just see what I did, but she’s literally sitting right next to you.” I got the reaction I expected: a head nod that was either “surrre she is” or “you’ve clearly been into the devil’s lettuce.”

Nevertheless, we kept talking and took our food back to her room and delved in a little deeper while we ate. As we were talking, I said, “I feel a sense of confusion from your mom.” The next thing I knew, I felt as if I was watching myself from the sidelines. I was looking at my friend the way a mother would. Seeing as though I’m not a mom (except to my dog), I knew something was happening. My friend’s mom was looking at her daughter through my eyes. I couldn’t say anything though or she’d surely drive me to the hospital herself. I thoughtfully demanded my body back and continued the conversation. 

I had told my friend that one of the shows that helped me really grasp what happens next was (and is) The Dead Files. I brought some episodes up and she came over to the couch to see them on her laptop. Before I could play any of them, she looked at me and said, “Can I tell you something without you thinking I’ve lost my mind?” Of course she could. “When we were talking a few minutes ago, your eyes… It looked like my mom was looking at me through your eyes.” I began to cry. It took me a good 60 seconds to tell her what I’d experienced. We both had chills run up and down our arms. 

I felt like that night, when I went home, my friend left Fort Lauderdale with maybe just a little peek into what’s next and that her mom was ok.

Janyelle And I Meet

The next day, the news of Kobe Bryant’s passing flooded every news outlet and every social media stream. I connected my energy with that of Vanessa Bryant’s with the intention of sending her love. My whole body just began to shake and I immediately knew (before news broke) that it was more than just Kobe that passed in that crash. The whole day I was inconsolable and I didn’t even know why! I wasn’t a sports fan. I had no knowledge of what Kobe had done humanitarian-wise. I had no reason to be as emotional as I was, but I was wrecked. 

I texted Janyelle’s assistant, Kate, that day. I needed a session with Janyelle stat. Three days later, we met. Janyelle greeted me with a smile and said, “So… some things have been happening, hu?” I went through everything that happened over the two-day span. “I need to know how to turn this stuff off!” She began to teach me protection techniques and explained to me why she chooses not to channel energies, even if they’re good. She taught me how to send energy so that it didn’t drain me of my own. 

To say I had an active first month in developing my intuition would be the understatement of the year. I’m so grateful with everything I’m learning and I can’t wait to learn more. If you’re interested in knowing more about your own intuition, I can tell you that my intro session with Janyelle was some of the best money I’ve spent. Click the button below to fill out the form if you’d like to work with her and her assistant will be in touch!