Divine Essence

  • Module 1 – Creating Awareness

You will create an awareness of how to connect to your physical body so that you can activate all of your 6 senses. Additionally, you’ll activate your Chakra System  and tap into your energy field of unlimited potential, which includes everything from healing your body, trusting yourself to make the right decisions immediately so that you are no longer second guessing yourself. Knowing that you trust you know, just like knowing your name, is powerful and allows no room for doubt in your decision making.


  • Module 2- Creating Understanding

You will create a deeper understanding of your purpose, passion and gifts. Using your activated senses you will begin to communicate with your Mind-Body connection for answers, understanding and awareness that’s right for you. Additionally, you will know how words and perspectives affect your reality so you can change your reality at any given moment.

Client’s Transformation

I truly believe that God works in mysterious and Awesome ways! He puts people in your life’s path at just the perfect time. Janyelle came into my life at just that perfect time! I have always felt this powerful urge to want to better myself, fuel my passion, and grow my ambition with my career. I was at a place in my life where I knew I wanted to be, I just needed some assistance getting there.·Janyelle truly has a Gift from God! She reads energy and teaches you how to listen to your body  and trust your own intuition. She helps release the unwanted feelings you harness and has a way of calming your spirit. The world today is known for rush, rush, making money, being active in functions, leagues, etc.. Today’s world has a way of telling people how to live rather than teaching them to trust and listen to your own body and intuition. I can say I honestly feel like a different person today than I did several months ago. My biggest fear was “FEAR” itself, the unknowing. I was raised in and very active church while growing up. I still attend church, but have a much bigger understanding and believe I have truly felt the Holy Spirit.  Trusting and Believing is my biggest lesson!!  Trusting in yourself and the Lord above! I truly believe God gives each of us gifts; it is in how we use them to help strengthen others and help them along life’s path. Janyelle is AMAZING!! You just HAVE to meet her!! S. B. (Indianapolis, IN)


  • Module 3- Understanding Gratitude

You will create a new awareness of gratitude and how it fuels your life’s reality. You’ll activate your energy field to work for you, which includes everything from manifesting your desires, trusting and focusing in on what you truly desire for you. Additionally, the activation and awareness allows you to be free of your past and be thankful in your everyday life.

You will attract more when you’re thankful for what you already have. Attracting a new car, home, boat, career, is as simple as saying “Thank you” as if you already have it!


  • Module 4- Understanding Free Will

You will create an awareness in understanding you have a choice in every given moment.  This powerful activation allows you to stop blaming and focusing on others, and allows you to focus and act upon your own desires.  Additionally, you will activate your inner acceptance mechanism; which will allow peace in your life now.

Stop the people-pleasing mentality and start pleasing yourself! Other’s advice is just that  added vices in your fire! When you decide you know what’s best for you; you’ll stop asking everyone else.


  • Module 5- Discovering Truth

You will discover an awareness in truth behind your fears. The awareness will  activate and allow you to move forward in your life.  Trusting yourself to say “YES” to new opportunities, to make and trust your decisions; letting go of procrastination and feeling stuck. Additionally, you will activate motivation and have more energy in your daily life, allowing you to start and complete tasks with a renewed supply of energy.


  • Module 6- Discovering Your Limits

You will create a new awareness in beliefs that limit you from your Unlimited Potential, this awareness gets you outside your comfort zone. Activating this stuck energy allows you to tap into your true unlimited self, building confidence, self worth with the desire to be and do more now.

Client’s Release of Blocks

Janyelle is amazing in her being but also in her profession. Every time I get together with her she points out something that is, first of all, highly intuitive, and secondly important for growing my own business. There is something about her being that has me trust even more in my own skills and goals. Interestingly enough after every conversation with Janyelle, something “broke open” that has me receive what was already waiting for me – a new client, new ideas, confidence in making big decisions etc. I highly recommend Janyelle as coach and practitioner.   Isabel Hundt, Financial & Relationship Coach


  • Module 7- Believing Your Imagination

You will activate and find your imagination has unlimited ability which allows you to explore,create and live your desires now. Activating your imagination allows you live a multidimensional life with unlimited potential. Additionally, you will know how to power up and use your imagination easily and bring it into your physical reality.

  •  Module 8-  Believing Your Unlimited Potential

You will motivate your self in believing you can do all things you truly desire to do. Activating this unlimited energy allows you to tap into your entire energy field and use it on purpose in creating the life you want now. Additionally, the motivating action steps you take, will in turn, manifest the desires in your life faster,easier and with infinite possibilities.

Client’s Inner Knowing Transformation

I am realizing when you love you- You don’t have to make excuses for who your are! Very Empowering” ~Sherri Justice


  • Module 9- Discovering  your Intuitive Gifts

You will begin to access through intuition and trust your own unique gifts. These gifts were given to you support and sustain you throughout your life. Tapping in and understanding how your gifts work for you and others will begin your journey inward into knowing you uniquely.


“I had new insight on how to improve myself…”

I was really beginning to believe that I was never going to live a happy life. It just “wasn’t my time” or I “didn’t deserve it”. Then I met Janyelle–she helped me break through a lot of old beliefs and thought patterns that I had. She could see to the core of who I was and kept peeling off layers and more layers. She stood by me every step of the way. Instilling new ways of thinking–new perspectives. Every time I left from a session with Janyelle it was like I had new insight on how to improve myself even more. Janyelle not only helped me but she also helped my husband, daughter, and two sons. Nothing is too big or small for her to work through with you. I honestly feel like she was an angel placed in our paths to help us. Her gifts run the spectrum. I will forever be grateful to her because I now feel the peace I had been searching for my whole life.

Anonymous – Indiana


  • Module 10 – Utilizing your Gifts

Begin working with your gifts in order to bring complete passion into your life. Aligning you with your gifts within you will align you with helping others in your own unique way. You will gain trust, insight and awareness in working with your gifts to create your life now.


  • Module 11- Uniquely Creating your Purpose

Focusing on putting your gifts into action to work best for you and others. Helping you create the life you desire to live and experience now. Detailing your inner work and how that benefits others in creating you in your business or career potential.


  • Module 12-  Enhancing your Essence

Consciously living in a new awareness of you and your reality. Putting it all together from the inside out allows you to experience your own greatness with unlimited possibilities. Aligning your reality to work best for you. Knowing your conscious creativity and how it works best for you. Putting into place your self-worth, self- growth, and self-awareness allows for you to be you in all ways, always.