Alternative Medicine

Alternative Medicine and Distant Healing 

Holistic medicine can help you heal your mind with anxiety treatment and energy therapy. Alternative medicine is preferred by many to traditional medicine because we do not use harmful chemicals in our treatments.

As a leading holistic healer and Medical Intuitive, Janyelle Huff has provides her holistic expertise and has unveiled enlightenment to many people.

If you have loved ones that have passed over it is common to wonder how they are doing. Janyelle provides the opportunity for those who have lost loved ones to communicate with them once more.

With her special gift that was discovered as a young child, Janyelle enables people to travel through a journey of openness and expansiveness. Spiritual therapy can allow you to become the person you are destined to be.

One of the gifts that Janyelle offers is “Soul Touching”, where she places her hand on your forehead which allows you to instantly see with more clarity.

Mind, body and soul connection is of the utmost importance in holistic healing; becoming in tune with yourself and being open to spiritual awakenings. Janyelle offers training for those who seek knowledge on how to connect more with their intuitive self.

Another important service that Janyelle Huff offers is “Distant Healing”. Janyelle offers communication and virtual meetings via telephone, Skype and Face Time. One of the biggest differences that separate Janyelle from other practitioners is providing this multi-media communication opportunity. This enables people from all over the world to enjoy enlightenment and answers to their important questions about themselves and their place in the world.